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Press Release-

Hair Salons?

Yep, There's an App for that! With new smartphone technology popping up for virtually every business category, it was only a matter of time before the beauty industry would find a way to get into the act.

The unique mobile hair app, which is available on iPhone, iPad2, iPod Touch and Android, enables hairdressers and salon owners to gather and store everything from photographs, color formulations and personal client notes, to demographic information, services rendered and products used and purchased for each client.

It turns out that the salon business is ideally suited for a smartphone app, says J Thomas Leaptrott, a former educator and platform artist for Loreal and Brocato. When you think about how much we customize what we do for each individual client, we now have a tremendous opportunity to use this technology to store everything we need to know about each client and archive our entire body of work, which is great for client and great for the stylist! You literally can run your business in the palm of your hand, he says.

In addition, Leaptrott points out that the app is perfect for any stylist and at any level including booth rental or commission.

We have all made moves from one salon to another and have feared we would not have access to client records to let them know where we would be working next, he said, noting that about 50 percent of stylists nationwide are commission and about 50 percent are booth rental. Photofinish Salon Mobile App allows all stylists to easily manage their clients while maintaining independence and providing flexibility and security for propriety information.

Features of the Photofinish Salon app include an innovative photo archive capability that builds a visual history of every client for an unlimited amount of time. With multiple photo windows per appointment, several photos can be stored along with products and processing information as well as notes such as natural level of hair, desired level, percentage of gray, hair texture, hair type, face shape, eye color, skin tone and other variables.

When a client says, I really liked that cut with the fringe around the face and subtle highlights that you did for me a couple of years ago, the stylist can touch the clients file and scroll through the photo archive until they identify the hairstyle, the color formula, products used and any cutting notes that were saved from that appointment, Leaptrott says. Clients love this attention to detail and, of course they can wait to tell their friends about it. It gives the stylist a real advantage in the marketplace.

In addition to capturing client profiles, Photofinish Salon Mobile App can manage appointment calendars for booking future appointments and retrieve client contact information based on perimeters such as sex, age or birthday. The app maintains email and home contacts so special promotions can be targeted to certain markets.

If a stylist wants to target clients with a flat iron sale, the program can sort out the young women in the 14-30 year-old age range. Or, if the stylist wants to promote round brushes, they can target the 31-60-year old range and invite them to the salon after hours for a round brush party with refreshments and the salon staff teaching them the tricks of round brushing, he says. In fact, you can promote your salon in any way imaginable using this Mobile App to create real loyalty among your clients.

Another attractive feature of Photofinish Salon Moblie App is the pricing. The app is available for a single purchase price of only $19.95 in the iTunes store and with no monthly fees and regular updates. Leaptrott says that other software providers essentially own the client information and require an ongoing financial commitment for the stylist to access the data. I believe it is important for this type of information to be secure and within the stylists' private data files, he says.


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